About us

Our brand

el. was launched in the beginning of the year 2016 by an idea to create a unique product which is inspired by our Greek culture and history.

The logo of our brand is the Meander symbol, also known as the “Greek Key”, which derives from the river Meander which flowed from an ancient town called Metropolis into the Aegean Sea.

The river was noted for its exceptionally winding and twisting path which is depicted on our meander motif.

The Meander was described as one of the most important symbols in Ancient Greece and was often used on gifts as it symbolizes infinity, love and the eternal flow of things.

The family

el. is an inspiration which was born by the Tsantilis family in an attempt to revive the beauty of the Greek culture and history in a distinct and unique way.

Our family business was established in 1920 with a small retail store in the center of Athens selling high-end textiles to the Greek market.
Our company went on to develop 25 stores, offering luxury quality clothes and fabrics from all over the world to the whole country.

The designer and creator of the brand, Soraya Tsantilis, with a vast experience in the luxury fashion business, has managed to bring together the features of style and the Greek heritage into the collection of products the brand offers today.

Our products

el. products are handmade in Greece and are produced solely with Greek materials.
The production process is where the key elements of our products come to life.

It begins with the unique fabric which is woven by our el. loom to create the perfect balance between the texture and posture.

The fabric is then taken to our workshops in the city of Athens where it is carefully cut and sewn into our bags.

el. bags are designed tο fit the needs of regular working day, but also for a night out or a relaxing day at the beach.